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I am Addicted To Siwon ..♥
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Anonymous Whispered:
no no it's okay, I just needed to know if you're answering my request or not, now that I know. I'm going to just wait. Thank you so much and I'm sorry for being such a nag D: i love you *kisses*

Ofc no don’t say that :( you’re just being curious it’s okay there’s nothing wrong with asking questions dear ^O^ good night ^^♥

Anonymous Whispered:
i just need to know if you're going to answer my request which i sent it to you twice or not. *breaks down on the floor* T___T

Omg I’m so sorry I’m having problems with my wifi and got the tutorial done I just have to put some captions on it and upload it but my laptop froze T^T I promise i will do it when my laptop gets fixed :) I’m sorry dear T^T

If ELF have math test…..


"Originally Super junior have 12 members, then 3 members are added. After a while 1 left and another 1 went on long hiatus, 4 members enlisted into the military and 3 came back, how many members are left in Super Junior when another 2 members enlisted into the army?




Oh solved it, so simple, the answer is 10 :) boy do I love doing math :3

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hyunng Whispered:
omg no ;; I'm not a famous blogger hahaha but yes!!! your gifs are amazing, i love it <3 ;;;



you’re just the sweetest person aren’t you ♥♥ thankyu darling ♥♥ but ofc yours are WAAAAAAAAAY better :)♥♥♥ *hugs* alsoyouarefamousokay.

1 note hyunng ah you're sweeter than i thought :3 ♥♥

when those popular blogs acknowledge your existance


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Anonymous Whispered:
i'm still waiting your replay for my request this morning D: sorry if i'm pushy. dont mean to be

ummm…. :/

sorry but i haven’t gotten any requests today ? :/ please send it again, thankyu :)

Why would I smile after getting called ugly by my mother ?

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How to be dead 101 - By Lee Donghae.

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holy shit a famous blogger said my edit is beautiful /OTL/ omfg screams yes I'M NOTICED!!!!!!!! personal hyunng thankyu T^T

Just Donghae having a ride on your dash.

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