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one of the fan said that whenever she say that she likes super junior her friends would ask her “shindong as well?”

shindong: I wanted to say that I am sorry….Like the question ‘Do you even like shindong?’… Just… Just… Somewhat..I worried that (fans) would be embarrassed about liking our group, just because of me.. I felt sorry about that.

Ryeowook: Donghae hyung said that if Shindong hyung’s not in the concert, he won’t do it


You people should be ashamed of yourselves.

Back… (I guess OTL)

Well it’s been almost a month since I have been actually active on tumblr and I would like to apologize… School has been really tough (don’t ever take more than 3 honor classes, trust me they will eat you alive.). Again I wanna apologize I miss everyone here and I wish I can do something about it… I miss everyone ♥ I hope I will be a little bit more active in the weekend..

My sick afternoon : pattern art - MAMACITA - Nutella - sore throat pills - tissues for my stuffy nose - Hyoyeon ♥


i missed everyone T^T

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omg come hereeee

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i frakin laf you ♥♥♥

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Hello ,this is a new Eunhyuk blog. ^^ I post and update everything about Super Juniors dancing king lee hyukjae. It would be nice if you could promote this fanpage so that many elf will follow this! Thanks (: —teamhyukjae

^^^ (i dont do promos cuz i dont like it but this one looks good :))

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awwwwww thankyu so much dear ♥

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oh my god. i literally reblogged myself thru my phone without even knowing it otl

How to shake your booty - by kyukyu.


omg so many moments in mamacita that i can turn into 3D gifs ♥_♥

hmm, those are all stops they've been to before. and every time they have a super show, they add more dates in more countries! don't give up on the hope of them coming to the US, okay?<3 —Anonymous

i will try :( thankyu dear 

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They updated it and mentioned that those were the location for SS5. There's still a chance for American ELFs! —Anonymous

but what if there isn’t ? :( sm are such dream crushers…

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